Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harris v. Nautilus Cove & Waterstone

Next Court date is set for Oct 6th

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3/2 NCC Condos now available at $51,000

As you know the 4 Waterstone condos are in foreclosure, the first to be sold at the Courthouse steps is #710, and it brought only $51,000, and was sold to Compass Bank, who held the mortgage. On 4/27/07 each unit was sold to Waterstone at $164,900 with Compass Bank providing the mortgages.

This leaves a deficit of about $116,000 owed to Compass Bank, the other condos may go in the same range leaving Compass still due about $460,000 from Waterstone/NCPCB Investments. Probably Compass intends to bid on all the remaining units. Of course anyone can buy the remaing 3, if you want a bargain on them then you can go to the north steps of the Bay County Courthouse on the date specified and put in your bid. Details on the 4 NCC units can be found using the direct links below.

RE: #710
8/18/2009 PAYMENT $70.00 RECEIPT #2009044078

710 Sold 8/18/09

712 To be sold 8/31/09 11 a.m.

714 To be sold 9/10/09 11 a.m.

716 To be sold n/a

Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in unpaid quarterly assessments to the condo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Waterstone/NCPCB is finished at Nautilus Cove

On 8/13 the 3rd of the 4 Waterstone condos in the 7 building was foreclosed (with a summary judgment of $167,517) and will be sold at the Courthouse at 11 am on 9/10/09. The last of the 4 (#716) has a final hearing on 8/26.
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You may recall that on July 15, Compass Bank of Birmingham, Al received a 'Summary Judgment in Foreclosure' for the Waterstone condo #710 in the amount of $167,088. This unit is to be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. Aug 18th at the Bay County Courthouse.
On July 29th Compass Bank received another Judgement, this time for the Waterstone condo #712 for $167,517 and it will be sold at Public Sale at 11 a.m. on Aug 31st.

Waterstone currently owe $8,400 in past quarterly assessments to the condo.